Red Union - Live In Mostar

01 - Land Of The Living Dead
02 - Party People
03 - It's All A Blur (Agent Orange Cover)
04 - Drink Up
05 - Empty Pockets
06 - No Lesson Learned
07 - I Hate Girls Like You
08 - Rat Race (The Specials Cover)
09 - The Partisan


Gracias a parapunx! All songs recorded LIVE at AKC "Abrasevic", Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on May 11th 2013. 
Nothing was added, altered or changed in any way. This is Red Union as it was on that day - loud, powerful and with few mistakes. 






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    replicas de relojes (jueves, 23 enero 2014 02:35)

    The band’s formation was inspired by the European third wave ska scene of the late 1980’s and the exploits of such outfits as The Loafers, Hotknives, Busters and No Sports.

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